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Punches and dies constitute the key element of the tabletting process. They impact the final appearance and dimensions of the produced tablets, so they must be designed and produced with great precision and accuracy.

Design Features

During the operation, the tools are exposed to high pressure and abrasives, which require the highest quality steel, having proper heat treatment and sometimes special coating preventing the tools from wearing or sticking. Some applications such as household chemical product require using plastic inserts for additional punch pressing part protection.

Unique Coatings

In order to improve the surface hardness of tablet compression tooling, different coatings can be applied. The benefits include higher wear resistance, decreased friction, minimized punch seizure and higher corrosion resistance and anti-adhesion properties.

Galvanic Chrome Coating

This is the most popular way of surface protection which has been proven in many standard applications. The coating is applied by electrolytic method in the sulphate bath. The coating thickness is about 5 microns.

PVD Coating

This is vapour metal deposit process. Compared to the galvanic coating, the benefits of PVD coatings are as follows: better stability, contour prevention and wear protection.

CrN (Chromium Nitride) Coating

This is a specific PVD Coating. The obtained surface properties are much better than those obtained by the commonly used galvanic chrome plating: surface hardness is 3-4 times higher, low sticking susceptibility comparable with galvanic coating, higher wear protection and higher quality/price ratio.

TiN (Titanium Nitride) or TiAIN (Aluminum – Titanium Nitride) Coating

Comparable with CrN coating regarding sticking and susceptibility. Other benefits are: surface hardness is as much as 4 times higher than galvanic coating, higher wear protection than CrN coating and very smooth layer with low roughness.

DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating

As the name implies, DLC provides some of the properties of diamonds to metal surface finishes. Benefits include: very abrasive resistant coating, long lasting anti-sticking properties, high “slickness”, very good for problematic products such as effervescent tablets, surface hardness is as much as 6 times higher than with galvanic coating, very high quality / price ratio.


The CCS CS-2500 Level 5 Control System elevates tablet press operations to new heights. Designed for compatibility with various models, including those from Stokes, Fette, Korsch, and Hata, it offers a comprehensive solution for managing tablet presses. This advanced system not only includes standard press controls but also excels in generating detailed, customizable reports, covering production data, parameter changes, and alarms. Equipped with a development license of XLReporter, users can tailor reports to specific needs, ensuring precise tracking and analysis of production processes. Its use of off-the-shelf components and Allen Bradley technology makes it user-friendly and easy to maintain, while also complying with 21 CFR Part 11 standards for data collection and E-Signature.

The CCS CS-2000 Level 4 Control System is a versatile solution for managing Stokes tablet presses and other OEM models. It features standard programming that unlocks all functions of the presses, enhancing operational efficiency. The system is built with off-the-shelf Allen Bradley components, making it cost-effective and easy to maintain. With Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs and FactoryTalk View HMI interface, it offers complete control and precision. The system is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11, ensuring reliable data collection and electronic signatures. Its design prioritizes non-proprietary components for high reliability and easy part replacement, supported by advanced features like Advantech Industrial PC, Netbiter Remote VPN, and precision servo motors.

The CCS CS-500 Level 3 Control System is a robust solution for managing Stokes tablet presses and is adaptable to other brands. It simplifies operations with its Basic CS-500 programming, allowing users to monitor and control essential functions effectively. This system is not only user-friendly but also cost-effective, incorporating Allen Bradley components to reduce the total ownership cost. Its design features the latest technology, including Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs and a FactoryTalk View HMI interface, ensuring comprehensive control over the tablet press while maintaining ease of maintenance and part replacement.

The CCS CS-400 Level 2 Control System brings a new level of efficiency and ease to encapsulation equipment operations. It's tailored for Index Encapsulation Equipment but adaptable to machines from any vendor. With its Standard CS-400 programming, users gain comprehensive control over basic functions. The system's use of Allen Bradley components, including ControlLogix PLCs and Power Flex 525 Motor Drives, ensures reduced costs and maintenance ease. It also includes a FactoryTalk PanelView HMI interface for seamless operation, presenting a reliable, cost-effective solution for encapsulation machine management.

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