tablet press model 560

High Speed Tablet Press Machine
The Stokes Model 560 is a heavy duty, extremely durable high speed tablet press machine. The press is single sided with two pre-compression stations, which allows the user to easily convert the press to bi-layer tablets. The turret is removable providing greater flexibility and ease-of-cleaning.

Design Features

Four column heavy duty structure provides great stability and low noise levels
Fully-automatic press: lower rolls and fill cams adjusted by servo motors
Sealed roller bearings in all pressure rolls eliminate oil leaks in rolls
Mechanical feed system forces material into die increasing production output
Upper and lower die table dust collection with die table scrapper keeps press clean longer
Automatic punch lubrication ensures long life of tooling and cams
Cleanly designed hopper and butterfly valve assembly prevents loss of powder
Extra-large hopper opening helps material flow
Enhanced lighting in upper and lower sections for better visibility
Equipped with OSHA approved safety interlocks

Servo drives

Isolated compression zone keeps press clean
Allen Bradley Servo Motors for lower rolls and fill cams with accurate encoder position feedback

Rotary engine

Three 10 ton compression stations on the single sided press allows for dual pre-compression for direct compressible powders and optional bi-layer production
All compression stations (pre and final) use identical components to reduce spare parts inventory
Four LED lights illuminate the compression zone for clear observation during production and cleaning

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