Tablet Press & Encapsulation Machine Rebuilding
For all makes and models of tablet presses

CCS offers rebuilding services for all makes and models of tablet presses, Index encapsulation machines and Bosch encapsulation machines.

For rebuild encapsulation machines, we offer all new wear parts, 12 count of 16 count tooling, push button or touch screen control systems.
Whether rotary or single punch tablet presses. Our process begins with the complete disassembly of the machine and the careful evaluation of all common wear areas by one our experienced technicians. This includes cam surfaces, socket/shaft dimensions, bearings, feeder components, and drive mechanisms.
Our standard pricing includes inspection and bushing of all critical bores to re-establish factory alignments and specifications as well as sand blasting and refinishing. Our detailed evaluation may also result in additional parts that the customer might wish to consider having us replace or rework, including the complete reworking of the turret.

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